Redis zrevrangebyscore 命令

ZREVRANGEBYSCORE key max min [WITHSCORES] [LIMIT offset count]

Returns all the elements in the sorted set at key with a score between max
and min (including elements with score equal to max or min).
In contrary to the default ordering of sorted sets, for this command the
elements are considered to be ordered from high to low scores.

The elements having the same score are returned in reverse lexicographical

Apart from the reversed ordering, ZREVRANGEBYSCORE is similar to ZRANGEBYSCORE.


Array reply: list of elements in the specified score range (optionally
with their scores).


redis>  ZADD myzset 1 “one”

(integer) 1

redis>  ZADD myzset 2 “two”

(integer) 1

redis>  ZADD myzset 3 “three”

(integer) 1

redis>  ZREVRANGEBYSCORE myzset +inf -inf

1) "three"
2) "two"
3) "one"

redis>  ZREVRANGEBYSCORE myzset 2 1

1) "two"
2) "one"

redis>  ZREVRANGEBYSCORE myzset 2 (1

1) "two"

redis>  ZREVRANGEBYSCORE myzset (2 (1

(empty list or set)